Does Your Online Marketing Look More Like John’s or Joyce’s

Peter Garety

JohnJoyceThis is a story about two marketers – John & Joyce, and how a simple decision will impact the growth of their online marketing business.

If you will take a moment to read this article, you will recognize the path that can lead to enormous success and the path that can lead to failure.

Regardless where you at with your online marketing business, a few sentences below can give you a life-changing perspective, so you don’t waste time and instead every step you take moves you closer to your goal.

Alright, it’s enough with the introduction, let’s dive in.

List BuildingWhat do we know about John & Joyce?

We know:

1) That they both understand the importance of an email list

2) And that they both have set a target to build an email list of at least 1000 subscribers within 30 days.

However, just as it usually happens, they pick different paths to achieve the same target.

Here is what John decides to do:

1) John does a market research and finds one thing that he thinks is super valuable to his target audience

2) He decides to create a PDF about that topic and use that as a lead-magnet

3) John wants to make sure this PDF is excellent, so he spends first 15 days to create it

4) He spends another week to design a really excellent squeeze page (it looks stunning)

5) And finally, by the day 23 he is ready to drive traffic and start to build his email list.

Now, let’s see what Joyce decides to do:

1) Just like John, Joyce is doing a quick market research and finds ten things that could be super valuable to her target audience

2) She decides to pick five that seems to be the most attractive and decides to create a PDF about each of them

3) Joyce understands the importance of testing the market, so instead of investing weeks in lead-magnet creation she finds five super valuable blog posts and turns them to beautiful PDFs

4) During her market research, she makes a note about the most common squeeze page types that people in her niche are using so she quickly emulates their style and within a day, she launches a lead-magnet page for each of her five lead-magnets

5) By the day three, she is fully ready to drive traffic and start to build her email list.

Now, question to you:

Who do you think will most likely achieve the target?

The Speed Of Success Of Online Marketing BusinessRemember, the target was to build an email list of 1000 subscribers within 30-days.

It’s obvious, right? Joyce.

Because she invests 99% of the time in things that really matter when it comes to making progress with her business…

…while John tries to become Mr. Perfect.

The World today is too dynamic, so there is a choice between you becoming a Mr. Perfect and making profits.

You can only pick one.

You need to move quickly and be ready to adapt immediately when things don’t go as planned.

And they always deviate from the initial plan.

What are you going to do now?

Money Is In The ListFirst of all, I really hope that through the lens of John and Joyce you can recognize yourself and make a switch in your approach to online marketing.

You see, it’s vital to remember that…

“Money is only being made when you sell something, and someone actually buys it.”

Regardless of the niche, you are in and regardless of the business model you choose…

…ability to TEST YOUR OFFER as fast as you possibly can will determine how quickly your online business will become a success.

Investing 99.9% of your available time in marketing and in testing the market is what’s important to make your online marketing business work.

People who continuously struggles and fails to make profits with their online business are mostly people that are stuck in technical aspects of an online business.

Don’t be that person.

Learn quickly. Fail fast. And repeat that until you succeed.

Success online is inevitable you just need to follow the formula above.

Oh, There Is One More Thing…

I want to THANK YOU for reading this article, and I would love to hear from you via a comment box below.

Just let me know your honest view on yourself – are you more like John or Joyce?

I know I was more like a John for a very, very long time.

Once again, thank you and I am looking forward to hear from you.
– Peter Garety

Peter Garety

Peter Garety

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