Best 4 Paid Traffic Sources That Guarantee A Flood Of Visitors


Discover the best paid traffic sources and how to drive a stampede of prospects to your web site for pennies per click, and doubling or even tripling your return on investment. Keep reading… all will be revealed.

All internet-based businesses rely on the internet for traffic. The old saying “build it and they will beat a path to your web site,” is a myth. Traffic is the lifeblood of every business and it’s NOT free.

Google (G) is handling 1.2 trillion searches a year…that’s more than three billion search queries every day.

Facebook, with 1.5 billion active monthly users and YouTube (YT) which has six billion hours of watched videos, are where prospects and potential customers can be reached for pennies per click.

There are tons of paid traffic sources available. Enough for every small business to generate millions of dollars in sales each year, without getting leads from the top paid traffic sources.

Most owners are not clued up on the methods and techniques of profitable paid traffic generation. This is evident from the following observations:

  • Ineffective ad copy
  • Over bidding for keywords
  • Wrong re-targeting
  • Incompatible landing pages
  • Running ads at the wrong times in the day
  • Poor demographic targeting
  • And you can see tons of other mistakes.

This article covers four of the best paid traffic sources. It include tips, techniques and strategies that every business can profit from. First, let’s cover some basics when it comes to paid traffic.

Cost: this is incurred to get each visitor to your web site from each traffic source. From your marketing budget standpoint, the cost per visitor (CPV) is the total cost divided by total visitors.

Value: this is the amount of money that a visitor is worth to your company over his / her lifetime. Your objective is to maximize this value.

Supply: this is the potential amount of targeted visitors that are available from each paid traffic source. This is important; there’s relationship between traffic availability and the return to be had.

Clearly, the investment in time and money must be profitable to continue with a traffic source. If it isn’t, you should switch to another traffic source.

Targeting: it’s key to target prospects for your business based on demographics and psychographics (likes and dislikes). Facebook is your best friend when it comes to targeting.

Micro targeting: this is the most powerful element of traffic generation. This follows the “Pareto Principle;” 80% of your sales is generated by the top 20% of your visitors. This is targeting on steroids… your ultimate goal.

Ranking of paid traffic sources: with hundreds of traffic sources available, not all will be suitable for your company. You must rank each source based on the average value per visitor to your business.

This will help you to focus your efforts…so you’ll be more productive and profitable compared to your competition.

The best paid traffic sources to get paid traffic to your website are as follows:

Paid Traffic Source #1 – Google Adwords

G is the mega giant search engine traffic, with over 3.5 billion searches according to search statistics.  With G alone, you have access to a marketing powerhouse that comprises most of the Internet.

This gives you and your company huge reach; from local to international.


With G Adwords, you can decide to pay based on the cost each time a prospect clicks your ad (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions that your ad is shown to your target prospects (CPM).

With CPC, the amount you pay for each ad click varies based on your chosen keywords. But there’s more, not all clicks are equal…

See,G applies a “Relevancy” score to your keywords, ad copy and the contents of your landing page. Unless you pass the relevancy measure, your ad won’t be shown by G. That’s not all!

Even if you pass G’s “Relevancy,” if you’re not savvy on the mechanics and metrics of paid traffic, you could clean out your annual marketing budget in a flash.

Imagine how you would feel.

Can you see why most small businesses aren’t clued up on G pay per click advertising platform?

To make a return on your marketing dollars, you have to master the basics covered above. You also have to master copywriting, keyword targeting, and how to avoid the G’s “Relevancy trap.”

Unless you master these techniques, you’ll waste thousands of dollars on ineffective paid CPC advertising with little to show for your efforts. Hundreds of businesses are failing right now…but you can take action.

See more information on the CPC model

G’s CPM (cost per impression) model is based on a thousand ad views that you receive on the G Display Network – regardless of the number of ad clicks that the impressions generate.

This means that your ad will be shown in blocks of a thousand impressions on web sites that make up the G Display Network, depending upon the schedule you request.

The amount of targeted clicks you’ll get per thousand impressions is difficult to estimate. There’s also the potential for click fraud that can eat into your budget, like a slient thief.

Starting February 2106, G has changed CPM to “viewable CPM” (vCPM). With vCPM, you only pay when your ad is able to be seen by potential customers –

That means you’re bidding on the actual value of your ad appearing in a viewable position on a given placement. This move is to make CPM more competitive and affordable.

Here’s the takeaway on G as one of four paid traffic sources: You can get tons of traffic or prospects. But you have to know what you’re doing to be successful with Adwords.

As far as paid traffic sources go, G isn’t cheap. Even organic traffic from search engine optimization (SEO) costs time and money.

Learn the most important metrics and the metrics that apply to you optimizing the return on investment for your company.

Apply direct response copywriting and keyword targeting  to your adverts and landing pages to gain high Relevancy score.

Start with a small ad budget and scale as you tweak and optimize your best performing ad (referred to as your control). If you make $5 for every $1 you spend, the cost is no longer a factor…so your goal becomes clear.

Stay relevant and keep up-to-date with changes in paid traffic methods and techniques. If time doesn’t permit, delegate to a junior employee or outsource this task. What works today may not work next month.

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Stick to CPC and make it work before trying CPM or vCPM. CPM is less targeted and will cost you more than you can afford. Trust me on this!

Paid Traffic Source #2 – Facebook

The Facebook ad model is hugely popular, especially with small businesses. Google Adwords is expensive to the point where only businesses with big budgets can compete. For many it doesn’t even pay.

It wasn’t always like this but sadly, the days of cheap clicks from G are over.

With Facebook, every small company can spend $10 on testing different ads. After getting positive results, they can scale and boost their return on investment (ROI).

But there’s more to FB that makes it so appealing to small businesses. It’s about targeting. Even better, micro targeting. With FB you can target in ways that aren’t possible with G.


So how does FB as a paid traffic source compare to Google Adwords?

FB advertising offers three methods:

1.    Desktop Newsfeed
2.    Mobile Newsfeed
3.    Right hand column

Desktop Newsfeed ads perform the best, with the best Click through Ratio (CTR). Where as the right hand column performs the worst, with the least amount of CTR.

That being said, it could all average out depending on your target market and the product or service you are advertising. Best to test first, before discounting adverts in the right column all together.

Because the Desktop Newsfeed has the highest click through ratio, it is also the most expensive.

If your product is a good fit for mobile traffic, you can use Mobile Newsfeed ads.

With FB, the majority of your adverts are in the form of images. Text can be included on images, but there’s limit of 20% as to the amount of text you can include. If you break this rule, your ad will be rejected.

Facebook has four pricing options to suit your campaign budget:

  1. Cost per click (CPC) you pay only when someone clicks on your ad.
  2. Cost per mile (CPM) – you set max bids based on your desired campaign outcomes (such as form fills, engagement, or app installs).
  3. CPA (Cost per action) – you can track and optimize your budget to convert an ad on your website. This is available if you select ‘Website Conversions’ as the ‘Ad Result’.
  4. CPL (Cost per like) – you can choose to get someone to ‘Like’ your FB page after they click on your ad. This option is also available if you choose ‘Page Likes’ option as your ‘Ad Result’.

Although the average CPC of FB ads has being increasing since 2013, you can still pay pennies to get decent traffic. The skill is to lower your cost using macro targeting, then scaling to maximize your ROI.

Here’s the takeaway on Facebook as one of four paid traffic sources: start with the Newsfeed for better results. Set your initial budget at $10 and test based on macro targeting.

Images are key…so learn how to create great images and the right images that get the most click through.

Apply FB retargeting correctly to get “free” clicks that bumps up your conversions, sales and profits.

Paid Traffic Source #3 – Instagram

Advertising on Instagram is new compared to Google and Facebook. Paid traffic generation methods include the following:

1.    Clicks to your website
2.    Conversions on website
3.    Mobile App Installations
4.    Mobile App Engagement

For each of the above, you can choose from creating a photo ad, video ad or a carousel ad. These three instill a certain call to action –

Through stunning imagery, videos up to 30 seconds in length and using layers of additional images that give more compelling information…you can definitely generate leads using Instagram.

Is Instagram a good paid traffic source for small businesses?

For a small business, the principle of direct response advertising should apply whatever the advertising medium. Never pay for brand advertisements…you’ll go broke in a flash.

Don’t make the mistake of spending on shiny images if they don’t convert into leads and customers for your company. Besides, Instagram isn’t one of the cheaper paid traffic sources.

About targeting – with 200 million active users on Instagram, small businesses can target prospects that are young and relatively affluent.

So, if your market is in fashion, sports, gaming, cars, or food you should include Instagram as a paid traffic source.

Here’s the takeaway on Instagram as one of four paid traffic sources: by all means try Instagram, if the demographics fits your business. Focus on converting prospects into customers. Don’t attempt to cold sell –

Your advertising message, whether delivered through images or videos should be to get an immediate response from prospects. Don’t forsake this principle for “brand marketing,” which is easy using Instagram.

Paid Traffic Source #4 – YouTube

With over 2 billion videos streamed every day on YT, it has become a much sought after lead generation medium for many businesses.

This is perhaps the biggest tip on paid traffic in this article.


It’s estimated that less than 10% of small businesses are using YT as a marketing vehicle, it’s such a great source of traffic and it’s currently under utilized.

YT has more than 6 billion hours of video watched every single month, and there’s more than 300 new hours of video uploaded every single second.

One of the first rules of advertising is to know where your prospects are hanging out. With the popularity of videos, millions of prospects can be reached via YT…they are consuming video content like crazy.

Compared to Google and Facebook, every small business can generate highly qualified, inexpensive traffic from YT, just minutes from now.

Imagine, you can start generating ad clicks for as little as $5 a day. You can’t do this on many other traffic sources.

You can combine YouTube’s massive daily traffic volume with a video ad that connects with your audience and its re-targeting capabilities to generate traffic that converts into customers and profits.

Generating leads doesn’t get any easier than this.


Video is perfect for building relationship and creating long-term customer value – It’s personal and you can quickly turn cold visitors into warm prospects using the re-targeting model…

People get to know you and your brand in a more intimate way.

To get started with YT paid adverts, first learn how re-targeting works and how to set up re-targeting lists and conversion tracking. You can then scale up winning campaigns –

You can leverage Google’s Ad Network, covered above to find new prospects to target on YT. This is a sure fire way to boosting your ROI.

Here’s the takeaway on YouTube as one of four paid traffic sources: right now, YouTube paid video ads are cheap compared to other paid traffic sources.

Video is the perfect medium for converting cold traffic…

And YT has 2 billion videos streamed every day. With videos, you can apply direct responsive advertising methods and techniques to build your customer base…

Right now, YT is being missed by small businesses. It’s the perfect time to build a massive list of customers you can nurture and build long term customer value.

FINAL MASSIVE TIP – before ending this article on 4 paid traffic sources, I’ll leave you with a big tip that can save you thousands of dollars when advertising on Facebook.

If you advertise on FB, you MUST delete the negative comments from your page notifications when running newsfeed ads. Negative comments lower the response from your adverts…

If you’ve read to this point, you’ll more than likely want to discover how to market your business on the Internet and generate leads, sales and profits in the ever-changing internet landscape.

You know you cannot ignore the Internet if you want to build a successful business. You must pay for traffic.

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