7 Search Engine Optimization Metrics You Should Care About The Most

Janetta Mikute

Problematic search engine optimization moments which are not spotted for at least a couple of days may have a huge influence on your internet business. What metrics can be used for detecting potential problems at the early stages?

You actually help yourself by means of knowing metrics and using them. They must be monitored daily or weekly to detect problems able to damage the working process. That is why it is important to understand search engine metrics.

Having read the article you will:

  • be able to use 7 search engine optimization metrics in your work in order to see the results of your search engine optimization activity;
  • find out what additional resources can be used for keeping track of metrics;
  • receive some recommendations on how to optimize metric results and gaining success.

Following these pieces of advice and recommendations, success in enhancing the results of your business is guaranteed.

#1: Keyword Rankings

Sometimes people who start to indulge in search engine optimization put this metric in the first place. Unfortunately, it is not quite a false approach due to a few reasons. Keyword rankings is the index which only in singular cases has the biggest importance, but still is more frequently paid attention to than any other.

Keyword rankings misconception

If your website is on the first page of Google or occupies the top places, which is even better, it supplies you with organic traffic and income. Everybody is eager to have top rankings but placing your website at the top with the help of some particular keywords doesn’t actually help to instantly get an extensive income. It may sound good but top rating with key phrases that don’t produce any income is not in the least beneficial for your business.

What will be the results?

That is the reason why a well-considered search engine optimization strategies is so essential for success. It is an extremely pricey mistake to try to rank only for keywords. It must be developed and carried out with a conversion determined beforehand and income goals that make a profit and are worth making an effort.

For the help with monitoring this index, you can use such resources as Serpfox or Pro Rank Tracker. I suggest that you should try out the free plan to begin with.

#2: Link Building

Sometimes website owners think that in order to get a result and success they need more links.

Link building misconception

Some people believe that it is all about the number of links. Inexperienced internet site owners can mistakenly fall for false affirmations of high rankings and do even more harm to their business. These impatient internet site owners choose to believe in these offers of multiple links just for a couple of hundred bucks.

They buy very low quality, spammy links from hundreds of other sites. Does it lead to high ranks?

That is the reason why a number of internet sites turn out to be badly damaged and penalized because of the links being spammy and of low quality.



Even a single link from a high-quality site is more valuable than a multitude of spammy links of low quality. A successful search engine optimization strategy is about quality but not in the least about quantity.

Following this principle you will:

  • elevate the value of your website;
  • stay away from unnecessary expenses.

Ahrefs and Majestic are considered to be the most popular backlink trackers. It is possible to get started with a limited free plan just for trying it out, but advanced use requires a paid plan.

#3: Website Metrics

This metric, as well as keyword ranking, doesn’t necessarily mean that higher is far better. Nevertheless, it is quite helpful to analyze it since it gives us an insight into a number of details like what keywords are luring, what pages are currently attracting traffic and so on.

In order to make it more effective you must:

  • indulge in measuring your web page accounting on the daily, weekly and monthly audience. This will enable you to estimate ups and downs of website attendance and to find out reasons for it;
  • set a goal in terms of the average number of visits that you are willing to gain and work on the strategy of attracting visitors to the site considering this number;
  • analyze your rivals and their channels of attracting the audience in order to find the attendance goal and use this data for elevating the level of your website attendance.

#4: Conversions

It is also one of the indexes which shouldn’t be perceived as unambiguous. If 100 visits are correlated with 5 orders conversion is equal to 5%.  It seems as if the higher the index the better. But:

  1. High metrics high efficiency

It is easier to show that this statement is true with the help of the following examples:

  1. 5000 visits, 200 sales = 4% of conversion
  2. 1000 visits, 100 sales = 10%

In the first case, conversion is twice bigger than in the first one.

Nevertheless, the attendance in the first case is 5 times bigger than in the second. It means that the first case is more effective from the point of view of the site work but conversion is noticeably lower.

  1. Not all the visitors are potential buyers

Focusing on this criterion we see every visitor as a potential buyer. In the case of contextual advertising companies which lead people to a specially created page, it is the right approach.

But taking into account the website, in general, every single visit can hardly have any potential for conversion. Visitors may look through your site in search of photos of the items or in order to send a link of this or that item to a friend or maybe simply to check the status of their order.

  1. Different clients – different conversion

A new visitor who is on the website for the first time obviously won’t get down to buying your products right away.

At the same time, an “old” successful buyer attracted by your mailing list is capable of instantly buying an item after seeing a couple of pages. Should you generalize these so diverse types of buyers and use a common metrics of conversion for all of them?

Website conversion: sensible use

It is not the best metrics of the site success. Too many factors influence it to accept it as a principle one showing the efficiency of the business.  Always search for the reasons for boosting this criterion. Its growth shouldn’t make you happy but raise a question “Why?”

Together with other data conversion is able to give you a clue of how your business is doing. But that is possible only when measuring everything all together.

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#5: Organic Search Traffic

It is one of the main aims of search engine optimization, and changes in your website organic search traffic are under the strong influence of your search engine optimization strategies.

Advice: Set weekly individual notifications on Analytics via email which will inform you whether any increase or decrease in traffic was noticed in comparison with the previous week.

Pay attention to the following indexes:

  • general traffic growth based on the yearly comparison and for targeted keyword based on monthly and yearly growth in views of specific target keywords;
  • percentage of general organic traffic based on tracking the trend.

On the basis of this data you can do the following things:

  1. if there is a decrease in organic search:
  • find out what has gone wrong and do all the necessary adjustments to get rid of the problem;
  • check the efficiency on all of the web page sections to find out about the problems with particular ones and whether the site, in general, was damaged;
  • segment all the information of both computer and mobile traffic to detect the problematic sector.
  1. if there is an increase in organic traffic:
  • find what has been done correctly and do your best to apply this to everything else on the site;

#6: Bounce rate

How good are you at using Google Analytics? Google Analytics is brimming with opportunities but still the majority of site owners use only a very minor part of them.

I suggest that you shouldn’t ignore the index of rejections which shows the percentage of users who look only at one page during their visit. It basically means that users stand by and just leave after finding a desirable item on your site.


In general, successful content is ought to have a bounce rate of something under 50%. When the level of rejections grows it may give you a sufficient amount of info about your search engine optimization strategies including:

  • irrelevant content;
  • inappropriate keywords;
  • a low pace of the page loading;
  • badly written metadata;
  • aggressive content (background music, popup, automatically played videos etc.)
  • flops in informational architecture and usability.

First of all, you are ought to analyze the pages which have the biggest number of rejections.

In order to lower the index of rejections you can also try:

  • to lower the number of keys. Traffic will be lower but its quality will be elevated;
  • emphasize the principal appeals on every page having rejections so that visitors shouldn’t doubt what they should do next;
  • get rid of access categories, reduce the number of links and buttons on the main one;
  • improve the design of all the pages and keep them up with ongoing general norms.

What is more, you can set up in the analytics automatic notifications for the case when the index of unnecessary views has a 10% growth or more.

And most importantly, try not to scare off your visitors if you want to gain success in it.

#7: Average purchase

None of the website metrics can depict the whole situation with your search engine optimization strategies on their own. But money can definitely tell you a lot about the level of your success. Rankings, backlinks, bounce rate and other indexes don’t actually matter unless they contribute to your income.

You should do your best to lead your search engine optimization efforts in the direction of the success in profit.

You may spend quite a lot of money on your search engine optimization strategies, but it won’t be worth it if you don’t know whether it makes a sufficient profit or not.

For this reason, I recommend you to indulge in the measuring of the average purchase metric. Average purchase value is metric which internet site owners should use to monitor their progress since it shows the amount of income. And the higher this index is the better.

If you receive $2000 from 10 orders, for example, your average purchase value is 200$.

Average purchase value enables you to foresee the success in income with a current traffic and conversion. This plays a huge role when making procurements, campaigns, promotions and so on.

Besides having statistics on the average purchase value of the particular period you can trace buyers’ trends and seasonality of your business.

One of the ways of enhancing the average purchase metric is to offer bundles which are kits of several interconnected items.

What do we do next?

The analysis of metrics for measuring success in search engine optimization is for sure important when the situation is daily or even hourly changed. In other words, you must check your work. It grows to be easier when you know the right metrics and can apply them in practice.

As you can now see metrics aren’t enough for success in search engine optimization on their own. But by means of using them together and constantly analyzing you can correct your work and make the right decisions.

If you wish, please share in the comment section below which of the search metrics are important or useful for you.

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