Josh Ratta: Video Marketing Maverick – Intel x 3 Revealed


So what does it take to become a successful video product developer in the internet marketing world?

Well for some internet marketers it means pumping out products that are:

  1. Not ready for market, i.e., poorly tested, full of bugs, and/or not working as advertised.
  2. Designed for huge launches and optimized for sales, i.e., with EPCs (earnings per click) given priority over quality or utility (and in some cases the vendor doesn’t even use the product for their own marketing!)
  3. Sold en masse with no regard as to how much help and/or support is needed to keep buyers satisfied.
  4. Hyped to the hilt with sales pages designed to entrap prospective buyers into thinking they will fail, or be relegated to antiquity if they do not buy their product.

In other words, some video product developers are just in it to make a quick buck!

But not so, Josh Ratta, a squeaky clean, young “professional beyond his years”, video marketer extraordinaire.

Josh, creator of InmotionTech and premium business instructor at Udemy, is the antithesis of the type of internet marketer described above. Josh-Ratta-yt

In fact, I’m about to reveal intel x 3 about Josh Ratta that will make you a forever fan of his.

Pay particular attention to the second reveal… it’ll not only knock your socks off, it will give you the inside track to becoming a video marketing whiz yourself!

1. Josh Ratta: The Person

When I interviewed Josh for this article, he wanted me to tell you the following facts about himself. I think what a person wants revealed about himself tells you a lot about who they really are… don’t you?

Josh said…

  • I’m from New Zealand, but I live in London UK.
  • I am married to a Czech lady, and we have a baby boy.
  • I used to play professional soccer in Holland, and also I played in Czech Republic. I was chosen by Sir Alex Fergusson in the Top 4 best unsigned players in the UK when I was 19.
  • I support Manchester United Football Club
  • I play the guitar.
  • I am a Christian and love going to church. I met my wife at Hillsong Church in London.
  •  got started in online marketing through a child hood friend ‘Sam Bakker‘ who taught me the ropes.”
  • I have extensive skills in video creation and website design, as well as good knowledge of the latest online marketing tactics.
  • I run an online company called Inmotiontech LTD. We specialize in developing high quality video and online marketing applications to help businesses.
  • I won a top vendor award on JVZoo last year.



Now… what I really like about the above is that Josh did not “tell me-sell me” on the business side of himself first. Instead, he chose to tell me about his family, his faith, and his passions (playing soccer and guitar).

Here’s a guy who has his priorities straight!

What that tells me is that Josh may take pride in his work, but he also values what it funds… and that keeps him motivated to be the amazing entrepreneur that he is.

What Josh Ratta told me last (but not least) is that he develops and sells top end video editing software and video marketing training.

I suspect that because he values balance in his life, he has the energy and stamina to create high quality, cutting-edge video products that keep his customers not only satisfied, but coming back for more.

Let’s see if you agree…

2. Josh Ratta: Video Editing Software Developer

So which products have Josh Ratta, et al developed, and what’s so great about them? Of recent noteworthiness is an app called VIDGEOS.

VIDGEOS is the first ever viewer specific, smart video creation software that enables the user to display a live interactive video that speaks specifically to each viewer. It even translates its text into the viewer’s own language!

In other words, if someone from France is viewing the video, the video will automatically present itself in French!

Is that some cool video editor magic or what!

It can also show smart geo-location and real time details to the viewer in a “I know where you are and what time it is there” kind of way… talk about Twilight Zone video editing software!

Check out this demo video of VIDGEOS to see what all the fuss is about…

VIDGEOS is just the latest of a series of fine video marketing products. Also of note are:

  • VIMLEO – Creates specialized marketing video players, and allows user to host all their videos in one simple application.
  • VIDEOMOTIONPRO – Unique video creation and video editing software that comes with screen capture, timeline editing, video animation, green screen video editor and more.
  • VIDINFUSION – Creates a special type of social video player users can employ to increase viral exposure, leads, and sales.

3. Josh Ratta: Founder and CEO of InmotionTech

Because Josh Ratta is an entrepreneur who has a wealth of knowledge in online marketing, he is also a specialist in increasing website conversions through the power of video marketing.

In order to help other video marketers reach their potential, he created a digital publishing company called InmotionTech, and it has a full team of top designers, developers, copywriters, and support staff.

InmotionTech specializes in developing software applications and coaching programs which are targeted at internet marketers, business owners, and online entrepreneurs.

It has a loyal and rabid following of over 10,000 customers and students, all of whom are utilizing its video editors, video players and video marketing training programs to exponentially grow their online businesses.

Needless to say, InmotionTech is one of Josh Ratta’s finest accomplishments, and this video marketer, along with many others, is looking forward to its next product!

What’s next for Josh Ratta?

One can only guess… but what I know for sure is that anyone who has accomplished as much as Josh has at such a young age is bound to keep surprising and delighting his followers.

Josh Ratta, video maverick, has created a brilliant, progressive company that puts out quality, cutting-edge products that he stands behind with thorough training and support. Hopefully he can sustain that.

Since he is someone who has his priorities straight, I have no doubt that he will…


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