Dancing With Google? Bust Out 5 SEO Moves To Increase Google Ranking


Anyone who has ever put up a website on the internet knows that in order to get visitors, or “traffic”, it must rank on the first page of as many major search engines as possible.

This is no small feat considering there are millions (yes MILLIONS) of websites on the internet!

And… unless you want to end up doing a whole lot of work for nothing, getting your website ranking in the top three is absolutely essential. Most web surfers do not look beyond the first three listings when checking out their internet search results.

Do you really want to create the best website ever if nobody’s going to see it? Of course not!

Implement the five time-tested tips below, and your potential audience has a much better chance of finding your epic website.

HINT: Pay particular attention to SEO Dance Step 2 to find out how you can make your Google page irresistible to viewers, and check out SEO Dance Step 3 too… it plants Flashdancers on your website the Google bots can’t miss!

The SEO Dance

So, how do webmasters get their websites ranked high enough to be visible to all? Well… it turns out they must perform an intricate and strategic dance known as search engine optimizationor SEO. And, they must perform it well enough to attract “dance partners” in the form of search engine web crawlers, which index website content so it is discover-able by people searching the internet.

However, just like when you go to a Friday night dance and try to attract the best dance partners… webmasters do their website ranking dance in order to woo the most popular search engines. Despite there being some pretty lucrative alternatives out on the dance floor (like Yahoo, Bing, etc), Google is the most sought after SEO dance partner of them all.

In other words, most who are providing SEO services are specifically trying to increase Google ranking… so they’re jiving to get their Google on by doing Google SEO (as opposed to Yahoo or Bing SEO).

Search Engine Prima Donna?

As it turns out, Google (ranked #1 on Alexa) seems to know it is the principal dancer in any SEO company, and unless you know which steps to do, and how to execute them properly, it will reject you as its dance partner.

What complicates this further is that Google is indeed the prima donna of the search engines in that we are subject to its algorithmic whims. It changes its dance whenever it sees fit, and we are left scrambling to figure out which steps we need to re-choreograph in order to partner the new dance.

However, even though we are constantly having to revise our steps in order to accommodate Google, the following seem to remain fundamental and evergreen.

Spotlighted below are five of the most basic Google SEO Dance Steps.

Go ahead… learn them so you can bust a few moves and earn top spot on Google’s dance card!


SEO Dance Step 1 – Do the Keyword Cha-Cha-Cha

One, two… cha-cha-cha… three, four… cha-cha-cha… and maybe even five, six cha-cha-cha?  Do Google SEO keyword research to determine your primary keyword, and the best 3-5 secondary keywords to include in your web page content.

Remember that keywords are the words or phrases your potential visitors will type into the search bar in order to find the information they are seeking. If you optimize your keywords to match their search terms, Google will serve up your web page in their search results.

Note: I say web “page” because Google does not actually index entire websites, but rather, it indexes single pages and/or posts. Be sure to take this into account when you are optimizing your keywords in order to increase Google ranking.

SEO Dance Step 2 – Trip the Title Fantastic

Rather than “tripping the light fantastic,” SEO masters learn how to fashion fantastic titles that will pique their readers’ interests, and lure them to their websites. In fact, good titles are sometimes called “click bait.”

Aside from crafting an eye-catching title, you must also embed your primary keyword in the title of your page/post so you can invite a Google crawler into your dance. It may be stating the obvious, but if your page is about “drones,” and you want your page to appear in the Google search results when someone types in “drones,” it is imperative to include that keyword in your title, right?

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SEO Dance Step 3 – Bust Some Meta Mambo Moves

Ok… “Mambo Moves” is probably making it sound sexier than it really is, but you are definitely executing the right website ranking moves when you include meta keywords and a meta description in your on-page SEO.

Meta keywords are your main keywords, and a meta description is a brief summary of what a visitor can expect to find on your page. It usually includes at least 2-3 of your main keywords.

Meta details are not usually visible to the website visitor, but they are like Flashdancers to Google. Web crawlers easily locate them in the throngs of non meta-optimized sites, and they dramatically increase Google ranking.

SEO Dance Step 4 – It Takes Two to Tag Tango

Tags are akin to keywords, and should also be choreographed into your Google SEO dance… hence “It Takes Two to Tango.”

Tags are also similar to the #Hashtags we frequently see on social media.

To put it simply, tags are to search engine optimization what breadcrumbs were to Hansel and Gretel… they form a trail and are meant to lead you out of a dense forest of irrelevant websites.

SEO Dance Step 5 – No Bungling the Backlink Boogie

Backlinks act as “like” votes for your website elsewhere on the internet, and can either be planted on other (preferably “authority”) websites in the form of raw links and/or anchor text, or they can be distributed on social media, forming “social signals” back to your website.

While backlinks are extremely necessary for website ranking, it is important not to overdo it. If you are “dancing as fast as you can” while doing the Backlink Boogie in that you create too many backlinks too quickly, it will appear unnatural to Google and they will penalize your website.

In other words, increase Google ranking via distributing your backlinks as though they are being shared by your visitors.

Save the Last Dance For Google?

So now you have five new Google SEO dance steps in your website ranking repertoire, and are far more likely to be selected “dance partner” by the search engine prima donna we love to hate – Google!

If you execute these search engine optimization steps elegantly, and with care and attention to detail, you will undoubtedly increase your Google ranking.

And, you will not only get your message out to who will think it’s important, but you will also get it out to those who may buy what you have to offer re: products and services.

So, should you save the last dance for Google?  Well maybe in the SEO dance hall that would be ok, but make sure you lead now that you know how.

In the dance hall of life… take the spotlight and dance like nobody’s watching!

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